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Where are you located, and do you travel?

A.I am located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I like to stay local to Fxbg, but shoot me an email if you are around an hour away and we can talk about it! I charge an additional travel fee for sessions that are more than 20 miles from my location.

Do you sell prints?

A.My website is partnered with a Professional Printing Lab. When I deliver the online gallery to you, you can look through a large variety of prints, canvases, cards, framed images and more, and make purchases at your own convenience, while the gallery is still open (galleries stay open for 6 months from the delivery date.)

What is the booking process like?

A.Super simple! Once we nail down a date and location, I email a link to my contract which you can review and sign digitally. Once it's signed, I email a link to the invoice which gives you several options to pay the 25% retainer fee. Then it's set in stone! The remaining balance isn't due until the day of the photoshoot, and can be paid using the original invoice link. I shoot most all of my sessions during golden hour, which is around 1 hour to 1.5 hours before sunset.

Do you charge more for extended family sessions?

A.Nope! Bring as many people to your session as you'd like. HOWEVER, make sure you choose the appropriate package for your session. The mini package with 8 images will most likely not give you the breakdowns you want of your family. Depending on how many people are joining, the Full package is a great choice to allow for a variety of groupings of the family.

What should we expect a family session to be like?

A.For families, when we meet up at the location, my husband and I immediately connect with the kids to help them warm up to the idea of a photoshoot with strangers. I'll walk you over to the best spots and my husband has a list of fun prompts and poses that I have prepared specifically for YOUR session that he will guide you to do while I snap photos! Our goal is to have every member in the family (yes, dads too) saying by the end of it, "That was FUN!" We do our best to create opportunities for laid-back, authentic and sweet moments. Whether that's by telling really bad dad jokes, my husband dancing behind me to get kids to giggle, having mom whisper "stinky socks!" in her child's ear, or having a family walk slowly while bumping hips, we aim to get real smiles and lots of laughter. I come prepared to do breakdowns of the family (whole family together, mom and dad, kids by themselves, etc.) and welcome any additional breakdowns clients want, if time permits.

Are outfit changes included?

A.You are welcome to do an outfit change for the Basic or Full Package! I highly recommend only doing an outfit change if you are purchasing the Full package, since changing outfits will eat up some of your shooting time.

What colors should we wear for our session?

A.I LOVE colors! I do not limit my clients to specific color pallets; I'll work with whatever you give me! But I personally love earthy tones as well as solid colors that pop.

Do you photograph weddings?

A.I take on VERY FEW weddings each year. But feel free to reach out to see if I have any openings left!