Hi, I'm Madeline Brooker.

There's not much in life that I don't enjoy, in fact, it's on my bucket list to try everything. After growing up a significant part of my life in the Middle East, I moved to the states and have worked all sorts of jobs-from paralegal work to nannying, dabbling in accounting for local businesses and working in a photography studio. I married a charming local pastor who has supported me in my photography endeavor so much so, that he now accompanies me to my shoots and helps pose my clients. Jonathan's expertise is creating a comfortable atmosphere and causing belly-laughs during shoots with his outrageous dad-jokes. Outside of work, we love being neighborly, hiking in the mountains, cooking (and eating) diverse dishes, traveling outside of the States and learning about different cultures, writing, reading, learning new things and mentoring.



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"Madeline was so easy to work with. Our family photos came out beautifully."

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